UAB "Baltijos mylios“
J. Dobkeviciaus 8, 02189 Vilnius, Lithuania.
Įmonės kodas 302661149 
PVM kodas LT100006390111

Bank: AB SEB Bankas
Bank Code: 70440
Bank address: Gedimino pr. 12, LT-01103 Vilnius.
Company code: 302661149
IBAN: LT 64 7044 0600 0772 1019 AT Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt

Vilnius Mob: +37067968565
Tel: +37052053664
Fax: +37052053798
Skype: bm.vilnius My status


UAB "Baltijos mylios” is working in close contact with several largest logistics centers in Lithuania, Russia and Western Europe, that are capable to take full care of stored cargo.

Warehouses, that store your goods, meet all the EU requirements and are professional. Your cargo is stored in clean heated rooms, that have efficient ventilation, and are well maintained. The warehouse has security systems installed and is under constant observance of personnel. Professional storage system applied in warehouse allows you to know exact location of your goods, their quantity, storage and shipment schedule.

Warehousing is more than delivery of goods and arrangement on a shelf for long periods of storage. This is a series of integrated services that improve the rest of the logistics process. It includes product marking, inventory, labeling, weighing, specialized handling. Documentation is one of the most important moments. Only the goods with right documents can be transported further.

Contact us and we will present you with business proposal of warehousing service.